Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Dorset Interlude

A couple of weeks ago, we went away to Dorset for a long weekend.  We'd been promised (threatened with) abysmal weather, but in fact most of the heavy rain seemed to happen overnight.  This meant that we woke to glistening rain-slick greenery, sparkling in the spells of sunshine we hadn't dared to hope for.  We made our first ever trip to the rock formation known as Durdle Door.
The view was stupendous, but it was quite a trial for me to get that far - I'm afraid of heights, something which is made much worse when it's windy.  And my word, was it windy!  I actually spotted a little girl leaning on the wind as if it were something solid - she was clearly delighted by this, while I was by then heading for the car with as much speed as I could manage against the wind, hoping I'd make it in one piece!

We also enjoyed the sight of the kiteboarders in Sandbanks, who were taking advantage of all that wind - although I'm still mystified by the fact that anyone would pay millions of pounds to live there. ;)
As we were staying right next to some beautiful woodland (and I mean right next to - the trees were overhanging our log cabin), we took advantage of the time of year to tramp through the soggy undergrowth and enjoy the profusion of bluebells blooming there.  Hubby even saw a fox (Did I?  No, of course not - I was wandering around aimlessly taking a million photographs of things on the floor as usual).
It was a lovely chance to recharge our batteries and to enjoy the beautiful Dorset countryside and coastline.  And did I take any wire with me, you ask?  Well, just a bit ... here's my Violet Tree set - started while watching The Eurovision Song Contest.  Hey, even I need a bit of culture now and again ... ;)


Caroline said...

Glad you enjoyed your stay in Dorset, its been my home now for 26 years and I love it totally and still keep finding places I never knew about, some on my doorstep!

Louise said...

It's beautiful - I don't really know it all, but lucky you, living there! :)

Kathelle MacLeod said...

Beautiful photos, looks like a lovely place to visit! And your necklace and earrings are so pretty! x