Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Midwinter Challenge - please stop by and vote!

Just a quick post and run here.  As promised, here are the links for the surveys in which you can all vote for your favourite Wire Goddess Team entries to the Midwinter challenge.  There are three separate ones which are open to public voting - please vote once in each survey.  The winners of all three will then be voted on by the Wire Goddess Team members, and I'll post a picture of the overall winner here.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Thank you for having a look, and I hope you are as stunned by the incredible work arrayed there as I was - voting was seriously difficult! :)

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Challenging ...

As I was lucky enough to win the last challenge set by the Wire Goddess Team on Etsy with my Harvest Moon pendant, I got to choose the next theme.  As it's *cough-cough* days till Christmas, I couldn't resist a seasonal theme, so I went with Midwinter.  I had an idea in my head, that I sketched and pinned it to my noticeboard (had to unpin it to photograph it, because the light's already rubbish).

So far so good.  And that was when the challenge began.  I made the window frame first, then got on with the fiddly job of making the fir tree branches.  I always knew the moon would have to be suspended from a thread, so using a piece of Fireline was fine.  But that pesky snow that was meant to nestle so nicely in the window frames ... grrr!  I stitched some lovely little units from seed beads (no mean feat for me, I struggle to follow a pattern, never mind come up with something all by myself!), loved them:

decided they were too large, and would obscure the picture, so I made some smaller ones:

These were just what I wanted - they looked perfect in the window frames.  BUT!  I just could not come up with a way to secure them that didn't look completely hideous.  So, after wasting absolutely ages messing about with them, I decided to just wire some beads on and have done with it.  And here it is:

The snow was not quite what I was aiming for, but I'm reasonably pleased with it - at the very least, I'm pleased it's finished at last!  Maybe I will now be able to track down my mojo that seems to have done a runner while I was wrestling with the snow problem!

When it's available, I'll post a link to the voting page for all the entries - let me tell you, there is some seriously beautiful work in the running already! :)