Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Random Facts ...

As I have somehow managed to leave most of the stuff I need at home today (Wednesdays are spent in my hubby's workshop), I've decided to write a slightly different blog post today.  A while ago, one of those daft things was going around Facebook where you are supposed to comment, then tag your friends to play - I usually ignore them, but this one intrigued me.  It simply said to state 10 things that people may not know about you.  It was interesting - not so much to do, as obviously I already know these things! - but to read the things other people revealed.  So here are a few random things you may not know about me, although some you may, if you've been following my blog and Facebook page for a while.

I took A-level art at school, chose to forgo my place at art college, and barely picked up a pencil for the next 20 years.

I have two stuffed toy seals and a monkey who always come on our holidays ... ;)

I've enjoyed writing fiction since I was a child writing by torchlight under the covers.  I've written 3 full-length novels, along with many more finished and unfinished stories - all unpublished.

I've been a vegetarian since I was 21.

I met my hubby (some of you will know him as 'the post boy') nearly 24 years ago, while I was still at school.  It took us 12 years (most of those living together) before we decided we'd probably keep each other after all and get married.

I taught myself to touch type when I was 20 - came in handy with all those stories ...

I worked in accounts for 21 years before giving it up to be poor and happy as a jewellery-maker.

Lastly - and this will be the shocker - I'm not a natural redhead. :P


Christine Duckhouse said...

I thought I'd comment on this weeks blog with 10 facts about me, mirroring yours when possible.

I took A level English, failed Biology but went on to become a nurse.

I have a Steiff Teddy called Henry Bear.

I've also enjoyed writing since childhood, mainly for children but have onlt had nursing articles published.

I became a vegetarian for about 6 months until we went on holiday(a while back) and found it almost impossible to find food to eat! We do have a couple of meatless meals every week though.

I met my hubby, after I agreed to write to him whilst his ship was on deployment. Yes nurse and sailor!

I learned to touch type when I returned to further study, at a grand old age!

I nursed for over 20 years before deciding enough was enough and did a few courses at Birmingham School of Jewellery.

I am not a natural blonde!

Christine Duckhouse said...

As you can see my touch typing isn't all it could be,onlt should have course been only!

Tracey C said...

Great blog, just found it. Oh what about 10 facts about me
I took a law degree, fainted in almost every forensic medicine lecture, went into insurance...
I still have Talking Ted, my childhood teddy although my dog Dinar ripped its face off and the repair Mum did was 'below average'.
I write poetry as a way to cope with depression.
I have been vegetarian on and off since I was 17 (currently not but eat meatless 4 times per week)
I met my husband when we shared a house as lodgers
I learnt British Sign language to Level 2 as they thought my youngest son might be deaf and I wanted to be able to communicate with him (he had glue ear)
I am a qualified Football Coach and Referee (proper football!)
I think all mushrooms should be banished to Room 101 for ever - slimy fungus bluck.
I am not a natural redhead but not to cover glittery strands but just becuase I look rubbish with brown hair...

Louise said...

Ooh, I love these, they're fascinating - keep them coming! :)

zipitiduda said...

I earned a B.S. In textiles and clothing/merchandising in the early '70's. Yet I am not a fashion plate. My favorite clothes are blue jeans and wild batik print shirts.

My anniversary is Halloween, my favorite holiday due to the free candy. This year will make forty years with Left Brain.

Our chocolate poodle, Boo, was eleven when our first child was born. Our nieces and nephews were growing older and holidays were becoming boring.

We have two children. One of each species as I put it.

Everyone but me and the dog has attention deficit. My life has been a study in cat herding.

I love to read. Please don't take my eyes. Have always thought about writing but never applied myself. Jokingly have told people that I'm writing one entitled "Emergency Rooms of the Southeastern United States" because I have visited so many.

I have always had hobbies. Three brothers will do that to a girl.

I planned to sell my jewelry when I retired but so many other people in my area do so that I create for myself and friends and have a growing inventory for "some day".

My requirement for a retirement home was that I needed a water view. We were fortunate to find a river front condo within walking distance to my ER!

My hair is naturally artic fox!

jess richardson said...

Well now, where do I start??

I'm a qualified psychotherapist although not currently practising as the day job is stressful enough.

I'm an air gun coach although i only work at one game fair per year and don't get my hands on the rifles anywhere near as much as I'd like to.

Confirmed carnivore but i can't eat beef because it makes me ill.

I can't draw to save my life but give me wire or clay and I usually end up with something half decent.

I'm terrified of horses and garden sheds (don't ask!)

Completely addicted to custard creams (big shock that one huh Louise hehe)

I've never watched a bond film or star wars

My hair has literally been every colour under the sun. Currently red but thinking about going back to the pink and purple.

My colleagues are jealous that I can touch type and have a conversation about something totally different at the same time without making any mistakes

I'm completely accident prone and was told by a consultant that I have the medical file of an 80yr old. I'm 33....

Lauren Hughes said...

Ten facts... let's see:

I hold two degrees in Archaeology and loved every second - even if it means I'll never have a job!

I have a stuffed sheep called Cuthbert, Lord of Death, Doom and Destruction (which is what happens if you let the boys in the back of the archaeology minibus name your teddies). Mostly we call him Cuthbert.

I write terrible fanfiction and reasonable actual fiction, also not published (isn't it great to see so many enthusiastic writers!).

I am intolerant of pretty much every pizza ingredient going except for pineapple. Which I hate.

I met my other half at university - according to him, he didn't ask me out, I just 'occurred'.

I can almost touch-type, and I'm very fond of typos :)

I always thought I'd be an academic, but a couple of years without funding have encouraged me to explore other avenues, such as writing full time.

My hair isn't usually violet, though someone at my last job genuinely asked whether it was natural...

I will do just about anything for a slice of luscious lemon cake or a new book.

I sing REALLY loudly, everywhere - though if you lived anywhere near me that wouldn't really be something you didn't know ;)

M Stella Ryan said...

10 Facts
I just finished 9 months of treatment for breast cancer, survived.

Moved from New York to North Carolina without knowing anyone in NC so as to force myself to expand my horizons.

I look fabulous in your earings as my hair us ultra short due to chemo.

Studied to be a lawyer but became a bookkeeper in a city school district.

Since retirement, I have learned to bake - but I don't like sweets - so I give it away.

I teach English as a second language to Montagnard refugees for my church.

I have all the supplies to make jewelry, stained glass, cake decorating, twilling, card making, glass painting, watercolors and candle making - I do none of these.

Never married and no children but helped raise my three nephews when my brother died.

I love to read - just about anything that will make me laugh, cry or think.

I will break out in song at the drop of a phrase that reminds me of a lyric - but can't carry a tune!

The End

Louise said...

These are all fascinating - and I don't know why Blogger decided to hide some of them! Stella, I'm so happy your treatment is finished - and so touched that you love to wear my earrings, too. xx