Thursday, 4 February 2016

Louise-bot hijacks the blog ...

*Cough* Yuck!  *Splutter* Well, hello, there!  This is Louise-bot signing in for the first time, after fighting my way through a mountain of dust bunnies (seriously, they have ears - they're scaring me) and what I think must be tumbleweed.  I've never seen it before, and it's freaking me out, rolling along by itself even though THERE'S NO WIND.  *Shudder*

Anyway, I should probably introduce myself.  If you follow Louise on Facebook, you'll know that I run her page when she's away or too busy to check in.  Okay, 'run' is perhaps slightly overstating the case.  It's more a case of getting up to all sorts of shenanigans with my friend the Wine Bell (you'll meet him later), then conducting damage control before Louise finds out what I've done and locks me in the cupboard again.  Woe is me, it's a hard life being a bot.  Oh, alright, she doesn't really lock me in the cupboard - but she threatens to.  And one day I'll push her so far that cupboard has my name on it ...

I'm absolutely forbidden to touch the Etsy shop too ... but it's so tempting - all those pretties!  I do like to tinker - should I go and list this new pendant, to save Louise the job?

So, a bit about myself - well, I like to read Tolstoy and listen to Rachmaninoff while enjoying my hobby, nuclear physics.  Oh, ALRIGHT, that's not strictly true - but I don't think you need to know about the imbibing of yummy demon drink and the questionable acrobatics to electronic dance music, really.

Sorry, am I rambling?  I don't normally do that.  Shut up at the back there - I don't ramble, right?  I'm completely sober and looking very spick and span (the Hammerite incident notwithstanding - but we don't talk about that, and we studiously ignore the ruined wall, too).  ANYWAY, I've decided to resurrect this sad little blog, and I really think we should have some guest bloggers.  Yes, I'm sure I can persuade the Wine Bell to give us a bit of tintinnabulation for entertainment, but wouldn't anyone else like a spot?

Hopefully, SOMEONE will reply to me, otherwise it's back to the tumbleweed and dust bunnies - seriously, they're creeping me out ... Oh, and this photo is in no way representative of the way I live my life.  I mean, honestly - the glasses are upright, and they're not even empty!