Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Importance of Hobbies

Hobbies.  It's a frivolous word.  And a frivolous thing, perhaps, but I think having a hobby - or several - is really important.  But isn't making jewellery your hobby, I hear you ask?  Well, yes - it certainly started out that way.  And it still is, in many ways - I've lost count of the number of times my hubby has said to me 'You're working?  Again?' as I'm sneaking out the wire to fiddle with in front of the telly.  It is, of course, my job, and a lot of my working hours are spent completing work for customers, (something I love doing) but finding myself inspired by something fresh and turning it into a piece of jewellery - just because - is the icing on the cake.

It's not my only hobby, though.  As you know if you follow this blog, I have always been a voracious reader.  This dates right back to when I first learned to read, and my Mum and I used to get the bus into town so that she could treat us both to a book from the secondhand bookshop in the square.  Then we'd spend the bus journey home reading - terribly sociable, I know!  Books have ALWAYS been my means of escape from a real life that occasionally sucks.

Similarly, when you're not reading someone else's story, why not write it?  I love words - the way a carefully chosen phrase can convey an emotion, something that hits you right - well, wherever it is you feel things most.  Is there anything quite like finishing a book that makes you similarly sigh with satisfaction and almost weep that the journey is over?  Writing is the flip side of that coin, but it's no less satisfying when the final word is written, and the characters still exist in your imagination, somewhere far outside of the pages.

So why do I think having a hobby is important?  I cannot comprehend the concept of boredom.  If ever I hear someone say they're bored, I'm amazed.  How does anyone have time to be bored?  As long as I have a blank page and a pen or pencil, I'm able to occupy myself.  There are so many things you could be doing with your hands or your mind, why would you relinquish a second of your precious time to ennui?  To me, hobbies - interests, passions, whatever you want to call them - are so important because if you have nothing else to fill your time, they give you purpose, and if you're only able to fit them around jobs/illness/less than fulfilling lives, they provide an escape and a route to personal joy.  And there is always room for more joy in this world.

So tell me, what hobbies bring you joy?


Kathelle MacLeod said...

Great post! Although my business is sewing, it is patchwork and quilting that I enjoy as a hobby - particularly for the wee ones, I find it very artistically (?)satisfying getting the colour combinations and positioning just right. I also was an avid reader, though I haven't done so much since I became a mum, in time I hope to get back to it! :) x

Cathy Powell said...

Ceramics is my main hobby but I too love to read. I'm now getting all these vouchers from the kindle store as a thank you for buying so many books!!

I find that I can't sit in front of the telly and keep my hands still so I also crochet. It's that or I'd be feeding myself too much chocolate!! xx

LostnThought said...

My husband would say I have too many hobbies. Sometimes I think he might be right! LOL (Don't ever tell him I said that!)

I love to play with paper, cardmaking, scrapbooking, 3d paper crafts....

I also love jewelry making, wire, beads, beadweaving....

And then there's clay....I'm just starting to learn making things with polymer clay and I'm loving it!

I also love to read and it's not unusual for me to have several books I'm "in the middle of" at one time. It depends on my mood at the moment as to which one I pick up and read. I'm just finished reading one on the glycemic load diet after finding out I'm hypoglycemic. I'm also in the middle of reading A Storm of Swords in the Game of Thrones series because I'm tired of being shocked by events on the HBO show! And then I still have the last book of the Unicorn Chronicles to read that's been collecting dust for awhile now!

Then there's the dogs, house, husband, garden, aging parents that all need taking care of.....I have no idea what it's like to be bored...sometimes I wish I did!! LOL

Sue Mills said...

Fab blog Louise. Only found this because of your comment about a not so nice comment. Love your style of writing and have always admired your beautiful jewellery. I have so many ideas but I spend a little too much time 'faffing'. My dogs take up a lot of my time, my boys are grown and take care of themselves pretty much and hubby works away. I used to love drawing/painting, especially with inks but never seem to get round to it these days. Sewing is my job and hobby and takes up a huge amount of my time. Like you I love getting customer orders, but I also love the freedom to play around with lovely fabrics and make something new x

Louise said...

Thank you, Sue! And how beautiful your sewing is, too. :) If you have a chance, get those inks out - I've actually found letting my creativity go off in another direction does help in my job. :) x