Monday, 25 April 2011

Escaping the noise ...

Yes, I know I'm crazy to be indoors on an unusually glorious day like today.  I took my book outside and my cup of tea, and I tried.  Really I did.  But it's a little difficult to relax when there's a funfair at the end of your road, complete with very loud music, miked-up organisers and lots of screaming.  And we have had this for the entire Bank Holiday weekend... >:(

Enough moaning, because on the positive side, I've had an excuse to play indoors! :)  I'm still playing with wire pictures (stop that yawning at the back there - I can hear you!).  Here's one I made earlier:

And as it's a little early to be thinking of Autumn (I can't help it, I'll be muttering about Christmas before you know it!) here's a summery little gold tree of life, too:

And I have a little idea for a wire Rapunzel picture that's been rattling around my otherwise vacant brain, inspired by this fantastic blog I've just started following: - showing new fairy-tale themed work by talented lampworkers Emma Mackintosh and Sabine Little.  I love the whole idea of it, and I immediately (as you do) thought 'Rapunzel!  In wire!'  So watch this space - it may work, it may not!

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