Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Back from a lovely holiday

I'm back (at work - boo hoo) from a wonderful week's holiday on the Norfolk coast - very relaxing, breakfast outside looking out at the sea, lots of beach walks and then later cups of tea and glasses of wine looking out at the sea again.  We had fabulous weather, with only a couple of rain showers during the week.

And naturally, I still found time to do some beading and wirework in the evenings!  The size 8 seed beads - a pressie from my Dad and Stepmum received the day before we left - were perfect for making bunches of grapes (perhaps inspired by the imbibing of one or two glasses of grape juice ...) 

And I also made a few wrapped bracelets with different beads and wires.

My dear hubby failed completely to assist me when I threw a whole bag of carnelian chips into the patio pebbles, and instead took photos of my misery (as usual).  He's never a whit surprised by my accident-prone carryings on, and yet it still seems to amuse him.  (I suppose I'm just lucky he didn't video it this time ...)

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