Wednesday, 29 January 2014

It May Be Winter Outside (But In My Heart It's Spring)

And the British Winter is currently doing what it does best - sending us rain, wind and gloom.  This is not a favourite time of year for most people (myself included) - that long stretch between  the sparkle of Christmas and the zing of Spring.  However, my imagination always makes up for it and takes over my creative output almost as if this grim period didn't even exist.  Spring has arrived in my head, so I'm thinking daffodils, bluebells and sunshine.

I love Spring - walking in our beautiful woodland, seeing the buds burst from the trees and the flowers begin to bloom is quite magical.  I don't enjoy the heat, so I love springtime - including the rain!

And my creative output is focusing on bright Spring colours rather than the grey of a miserable January.  Here are a couple of recent pieces.

I even bought my first bunch of daffodils today - I LOVE daffodils!

Is anyone else finding their inspiration has skipped forward a couple of months? :)


Emma Elliott said...

Lovely photos, tis true the mind is in the mists of spring. The rotten amount of rain we have had and more to come. I can imagine myself being Noah looking across sheets of water, will it ever end! The ground is so soak but i'll bet we will have a hose pipe band as soon as we have a sighting of summer. Happy days ;)

Louise said...

Yes, it won't be long till we get that hose pipe ban! It's unbelievable that we can't seem to conserve all this water ... ;)