Sunday, 14 July 2013

We have a winner!

Firstly, I would like to say thank you for all the truly lovely comments you have all left on my blog over the last week.  I wish you could all win!  Here is the hat I always use for my giveaways - looking a bit worse-for-wear after being shoved in a cupboard since the last one! ;)

The winning slip of paper is always chosen by my hubby - who has no interest in who wins, and is still muttering that he should be paid for doing this 'job'.  There is no cheating!  In the past I've had one winner from Germany, one from America and one from the UK, so everyone is truly eligible to win. :)

He's just had a really good rummage around in the hat - with well over 100 entries, there was plenty to rummage through.  I know you're all itching to know who's won, so without further ado, the winner is ... Kyley Nevard!  Well done, Kyley - if you could let me have your address (pm through Facebook is fine)  I will get it packed up ready to send.  Thank you SO much to all who entered! xxx


Erica Owens said...

Congratulations Kyley. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the give away Louise. - Regards Erica :)

Cat said...

But ... but ... but my name is Cat! ;-)
Congrats to the winner!!

Rossana De Leo said...

Kyley.... congratulations and a lot of a lot of a loooot of envy! :)

McAnaraks said...

Kyley should be so lucky, lucky,lucky,lucky :-)

michele frederick said...

Yeah Kyley!

ElaineM B said...

Well done KYLEY! Thanks LOUISE for organising another generous competition!