Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Beauty of Buying Handmade

I love being part of the Handmade community.  I am among like-minded individuals, who understand the time, effort, heart and soul that goes into a handmade piece.  Since I started making my own jewellery, I have come to have a much greater appreciation for items that have started in someone's imagination, and grown as if by magic from their fingers.  It's not that I didn't appreciate handcrafted items before, it's just that having imbued each of my own pieces with a portion of my own heart and soul, it is to me a little humbling to own such a piece made by someone else's hand.

Beautiful work by Vicki Foster of VF Designs
I also have great appreciation for the sheer diversity of imagination and skill that is out there.  I cannot sew.  The nearest I get is applying a needle and thread to a simple beaded bead, and that is not very close at all!  So I'm in awe of anyone who can take a piece of material and turn it into something useful and/or beautiful.  There are a few things I can do, and many more that I can't - and for all those things, there are craftspeople out there with beautiful items to fulfill my needs.

 Whimsical hoops by Emma Granton of Wordy Sew and Sew

I'm part of a lovely group of sellers who are getting together to showcase their wares on a regular basis now in One of a Kind Market Events on Facebook.  The next one is on Sunday between 6pm and 11pm - here's the link to the Market Night Event.

Stunning silver-smithed pendants by Joanna Reilly of My Turquoise Queen

The wonderful thing about being part of something like this is that there is such a varied array of artisan work to see all in once place.  Granted, there are only a few special items available per seller, but every single one has their own page for you to hop over and drool over their photos.  And every one is happy - as am I - to discuss custom work with you.  Which brings me to the other reason why handmade items are so special.  Where else could you contact the seller and have something custom made just for you, something truly unique?

Adorable pincushions by Jo Porter at Crafty Jo Designs
Made to order colouring books by Alice Cook Designs

Handmade cards by Jan Colbunn of Agape Crafts

This is just a tiny fraction of the eclectic work that will be available on Sunday - here is a link to the Market Night Album, which will be full to bursting by then!  I would love to share a picture by each one, but I'd be here all day - and so would you, waiting for the page to load!  So here are all the links to their pages - if you get a moment, please do pop by, I have found some truly beautiful pages while taking part in these events.  Hope to see you all there on Sunday night! :)

The LFStudio
Sewing Circus
VF Designs
Lady H
Little Crescent Moon 
Card Bubble
Sun N Sparkles Bags & more
Crafty Jo Designs
Wordy Sew and Sew
Wrap It
Lily Rose
Jim Jim Designs
Mallory Bags and Journals
Waggy & Babbits
Alice Cook Designs
Agape Crafts
The Book Vandal
Mad About Bags
My Turquoise Queen
Bit On The Side - Vintage Inspired Fascinators
Fuzzy P's Crafts
Em's Little Cake Stop
Molly rose gifts
Louise Goodchild Designs



Joanna Reilly said...

A beautifully written piece - we can hear the warmth in your voice and see your love of handmade in your own work. x

Christine Duckhouse said...

Great words. I believe everyone has a "craft skill" but that the majority either refuse to recognise it or believe they just aren't good enough. Many don't even realise that cooking a meal is a skill, a craft skill become good enough and people will be placing orders.

Jo Porter said...

This is a brilliant article Louise. I think it makes such a difference to have the support of fellow crafters (whatever their skill) when so much of our time these days is spent in cyber space!

John said...

What a great piece of writing. I am really looking forward to seeing how the online market goes on Sunday. I wish you all great success!

Louise said...

Thank you, everyone! I definitely agree that cooking is a skill, Christine, one I am happy to test!

It is lovely having the support of other crafters, as well as non-crafters - the important thing is that people appreciate the work and love that goes into creating, whether or not they can do it themselves. And even if someone's work isn't at a 'selling' level, if they've put everything they have into it, it still has value. :) xx

The Gifted Cat said...

Brilliant post from a fellow crafter from Nicola c/o The Gifted Cat.