Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Following on from my Valentine's post from two weeks ago, and my subsequent contemplation on whether or not the whole hearts and flowers thing is indeed romantic (I was given a huge bunch of daffodils - which I love - and no, I did not complain!), a conversation with a friend had me recalling what to me is the most romantic thing my hubby has ever done for me.

To me, part of the beauty of being human is the diverse range of emotions we experience in response to different factors.  So I'd like to hear about the most romantic gesture you've ever received - traditional or otherwise. 

Here's mine:

A few years back, I was having a clear-out.  There's rather a 'situation' with cuddly toys I've accumulated over the years in my house - I find it very difficult to part with any to which I have an emotional attachment.  Anyway, the time had come for a cull.  I was ruthless (sort of) and filled several bin bags with old and falling-apart well-loved creatures - most of which had been residing in the loft since we moved into our house.  Included among these was a green teddy bear my Dad had brought back from America when I was about four or five.  Green Teddy (inspired name, right?) had somewhere along the line been involved in an accident with some shocking pink paint.  So he was included in the cull.

Hubby dutifully trekked off with the bags of rejected toys (no, I don't still feel guilty - of course not) and deposited them in the industrial wheelie bin where he was working.  All fine.  I'd let them go, and I was so over them.  Right.

The next day, my long-suffering hubby was upside down leaning right into the wheelie bin, sorting among all the other refuse to find the bag with Green Teddy in, while I panicked at home that the bin would have been emptied and Green Teddy would be forever lost to me.  Did he find him?  Yes, he did, and Green Teddy (after a trip to the washing machine) is still sitting in my bedroom, resplendent in pink.

This may clarify to you both that I'm a little cracked (as if you didn't know, if you've been following me for any length of time) and why I consider my hubby to be a keeper. ;)

So tell me what's the most romantic thing that's ever happened to you?  I realise not everyone places importance on slightly bonkers events like I do, but tell me anyway.

Oh, and here's a picture of my beloved and tatty Monkey (see - I lack no originality with the naming of my cuddly toys), as I'm currently in hubby's workshop and Green Teddy is safely at home, far from the camera and the enormous skip we now have way too close to our unit for his liking. ;)


Angela Pyke said...

My loft is full of cuddly bears too that I can't *bear* to get rid off! Hubby used to bring me back teddys from any business trips he did when the boys were younger. But the collection grew to big so we agreed to stop buying them! As for romance I can't really pin anything down.

Louise said...

Yes, hubby doesn't buy them for me any more for the same reason! :)

Rebecca Spencer said...

Your blog struck a real chord with me! It is 'little' things like this that really mean something. My other half has never really been a hearts and flowers man in the 27 years we have been together(waste of money, grumble, moan!) but this year he really surprised me. He has been bedridden for 11 months and I have given up work to care for him. We have a carer who comes in every morning to help me and while I was out of the room he had asked her to get me a Valentine's card. He'd even managed to write his name in it and later in the morning a dozen red roses arrived at the door with a flourish and a song from the florist! Blub? Yes of course I did!!

Louise said...

Aw, that's so lovely, Rebecca - he obviously appreciates you! I would have blubbed too! :) x