Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas-themed Jewellery

So my immersion in all things Christmas - I'm still in the middle of decorating anything that doesn't move - has me thinking about seasonal jewellery.  I'm generally very bad at anticipating seasonal occasions - yes, I know they come round at the same time every year! - but the one I can throw myself into with ease is Christmas.  It would be nice to pretend I'm a shrewd marketer (stop that sniggering at the back), but the truth is it's no hardship to put together some pretty pieces with plenty of sparkle in Christmas colours.  I've always loved festive jewellery - I was always the one at work with the flashing earrings and necklace! - and I've been making it since I very first started.  I have several pieces that come out with tedious (for everyone else, I fear) regularity at this time of year.  This is one of the first Christmas necklaces I made:

And I wore another early necklace of mine on Sunday when I was decorating my tree and wailing along with all the usual cheesy classics:

Earrings are a perennial favourite of mine to make:

And of course I like to sneak in the odd wirework pendant:

What are your thoughts on seasonal and occasion jewellery?  I'm very inspired by the seasons and the weather, so I enjoy making pieces that epitomise the feeling in the air, especially winter and Christmas with its cold snap and warm feeling.  And I love to decorate myself along with all those things I mentioned before that don't move.  Spring will be no trouble, although I may struggle with the occasion that is Valentine's Day - I'm going to set myself a challenge to make a few Valentine's themed pieces next year! ;)


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