Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Sparkle for your Glassware

For the last week I have been mostly making wine glass charms.  I am a huge fan of them - I have them for all different occasions; handmade polymer clay pumpkins for Halloween, lettered ones that allow you to spell individual names and of course several types of Christmas ones ...

I love the idea of decorating your glassware at Christmas with a bit of extra sparkle - okay, let's be honest, they aren't entirely necessary for identifying your own glass, I mean, how often does someone 'mistakenly' run off with your drink?  And if they do, chances are you'll just steal their drink by way of revenge.  But neither are candles necessary (unless you're in the grip of a power cut) - they're pretty, though, and they make everything sparkle.  And as we all know, you can never have too much sparkle. ;)

I have some larger rings that I bought by mistake (not uncommon for me, as many of you may know!) and I'm thinking I could use them to make very pretty wine bottle charms.  I quite fancy weaving a few wire shapes to personalise them, too, in this sort of style - ah, the possibilities are limitless ... :)

So, whether (like me) you're a fan of wine glass charms, or you hate them with a passion, I'm sure you can enjoy your favourite tipple with or without decoration (although if you look too long into my eyes, I may be able to hypnotise persuade you that you NEED that little bit of extra sparkle for your glassware ... ).  Bottoms up! :P


Personalized Glassware said...

Beautiful accessories you have! I wish I could also make this kind of beautiful crafts for my daughter. She's really a fashionista!

Louise said...

Thank you very much! :)