Sunday, 22 April 2012

In Response To The Rain ...

... I say, bring on the colour! 

As my UK followers know, much of the southern half of the country is now under a hosepipe ban, due to a reduction in rainfall over the last few years.  Naturally, the moment the ban was implemented, the heavens opened, closed for some intermittent sunshine that just served to make us look like idiots wrapped up in our wet weather gear, then opened again, dispensing rain and hail with vigour.  It's certainly made for some impressive skylines, with stormclouds boiling up out of sunlit skies.  Without the skill to represent these cloud formations in any way with wire, I just found myself reacting to the grey, and bringing out the colour.

This bracelet, made with the zingiest of Czech glass, shiny bronze wire and a stunning bronze clasp by Lesley Watt of THEAtoo is in one of my absolute favourite shades of green (my fave colour, anyway).

And prior to that, I went mad for bright purple.  The polymer clay butterfly beads are made by the talented Di Keeble.  The wire used is (of course) lilac craft wire.

I'm off on my hols soon, so hopefully I will be inspired while away (probably by yet more rain, it's certainly looking likely) and will have some goodies to show when I get back.  Fear not, the rain won't get me down - I love it!  There's nothing quite like walking along a deserted beach, getting absolutely pelted by torrential rain, then going back home to dry out and watch the weather with a hot drink (or alcoholic one, depending on the time!) in hand. :)

And I will definitely be organising my promised giveaway when I return.  My Flickr stats are currently showing 98,000 views exactly, so as soon as I reach 100,000, I'll be sorting out something to give away to readers of my blog/likers of my Facebook page to celebrate.  Yay - giveaways are fun! :)


Kirsty.a said...

OOH I love that polymer clay butterfly

Louise said...

Yes, Di's beads are gorgeous, aren't they? :)