Saturday, 10 September 2011

Goddess News

Yes, we finally have a logo for our Wire Goddess Team on Etsy - this fabulous piece of
wirework by the very talented Ruth Jensen:

It was fun making something as a challenge, and we also have our first Wire Goddess
challenge up and running, with a theme of Harvest Time, appropriately for this early
onset of Autumn.  My entry is this Harvest Moon pendant:
It gave me a chance to play with my polymer clay for a change, and although I knew exactly
what I wanted to do, I think 'challenge' is the correct word, I struggled a bit with this one!
Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing all the other entries, and I'm enjoying having specific
themes to work to for a change.
In other news, I noticed that there were very few earrings and rings in my Etsy shop, so I'm
working to fix that - there are several new pairs of earrings now available, and when I've
finished the ring I'm currently making (for myself - to take on my hols!), I hope to add some
more.  Is there anything people would like to see there that they don't currently?  Challenge
me - I'm up for it! :D 
(Oh, and apologies for the weird font and spacing on this entry - Blogger is doing my head
in at the moment!) 


Nic :) said...

Seriously beautiful! x

Lady said...

It is great to see one of our team's leaders blogging about the team. We love you Louise.

Louise said...

Thank you, Nic and Diana! One of these days, I might actually get the hang of Blogger! ;D