Sunday, 17 July 2011

And the winner is ...

... Nic!  Congratulations, Nic - yours was the name hubby picked out of the hat.  And yes, it really was a hat, as you can see from the pic.  I made him close his eyes and rummage around a bit before he selected a slip of paper - all terribly technical!  He's now muttering that he ought to be paid for 'official business' ...

I'd like to thank all the lovely people who left such encouraging comments on my blog - it wasn't a condition of the competition that you say nice things about my work, but it's very nice to know it's appreciated!  I shall be checking in to see if all you creative people have blogs, and following them too if I don't already - time hasn't been on my side this week (as usual) but I will find some to sit and browse.  Nic - I'll be in touch to find out how you would like your pendant customised. :)

In other news this week, I've finally finished my entry for the Etsy Wire Goddess Team logo contest - I'm not expecting to win, as the other entries are stunning beyond belief, but I thought it was a good way to get into the habit of the challenges we're going to have every two months.

And I've also attempted rings again - I don't know why, but I always struggle with rings.  I've been trying to fathom a way of incorporating a tree of life into a ring (and failing miserably) - in the end I bought a fab dreamcatcher ring tutorial from Etsy seller Gailavira Tutorials and adapted it.  Here is attempt number two:

It needs work, but it has potential.  And that's pretty much it news-wise with regard to my adventures in wire this week (although I did have a nice little delivery of bronze wire which is sitting looking at me waiting to be played with - I'm a big fan of the colour of new bronze, it's just that little bit subtler than copper).  Thank you all again for looking at my blog, and if anyone has any suggestions about which way to go next, I'm always receptive! x


Hazel Ward said...

You'll be okay as long as hubby doesn't start demanding a paycheck for being your 'employee' *G*

Good luck with the Wire Goddess competition - I think she's amazing so I'm rooting for her :)

Nic :) said...

Yay! I won!
I feel soOoOoOo lucky!
Give your OH a smooch from me :D

The wire goddess is truly enchanting - really magical. She is going to be so popular

Uhooi said...

Wow,, It works very good and creative,,