Monday, 6 June 2011

Just in case anyone was wondering ...

... what happened to the Rapunzel idea.  Here are the two failures so far.  I had this lovely vision in my head of an ivy-festooned tower, with Rapunzel's golden locks flowing down to a ground filled with flowers and grasses.  Right.  Here is attempt number one:

My first problem with this was that the plait looks as if it has merely been tied to the window sill.  Which it has.  Where is Rapunzel's head?!  I didn't get a chance to resolve this issue, because I then decided to destroy all hope of salvaging the thing by inadvertantly dropping it on the floor and rolling over it with my chair.  Which annoyed me (feel free to mentally cross out 'annoyed' and replace it with the strongest alternative you're comfortable with).  This does explain the mangled look of the piece, although not the general rubbishness of it.  So I shelved the idea for a while.  Then:

I'll try again, I thought.  The window was far worse this time, although I felt the hair was better.  But Rapunzel has no face!  How do I convey a face with a tiny piece of wire (that you're not going to even see from any distance) or a thicker piece of wire that I have no idea how to anchor?  A pink(ish) bead?  Nope.  So now we have a headless wig flowing out of a hole in the wall.  Still no face.  Still no flowers.  And I'm pig-sick of wrapping frames I'm going to waste.  So the idea is on hold for the time being.  Until the next time ... ;)


Hazel Ward said...

Hmmm...nope, no ideas :( But I do like what you've started - its looks frightingly complicated :)

I was thinking that the suggestions of a face, made from a small curve of wire and anchored under the hair (as though it's in profile and hidden by the hair a bit) is a possibility, but I'm no wireworker. Or you could pretend she's got her back to the world because she's in a strop - no need for the face then *G*

Maybe it would work as a silhouette - a more abstract approach so you don't have to have so much 'realism'.

Louise said...

Lol - I was originally going for the 'back to the world' look, and I suppose she could be forgiven for being in a strop if she's been imprisoned in a tower!

I could do the curve of wire, I'm just a bit stumped about what to use - fine-gauge wire will be invisible from any sort of distance, although I could maybe construct a 'face' with heavier gauge wire, and give it some serious anchoring under the hair ...

No idea how to fix that rubbish window, though - might have to start (yet) again. ;)